All Quiet on the western Front

We are reading chapter 10 now, and its coming to the end of the book. Paul and Kropp are headed back home,because paul got a piece of shell exploded into one of his legs, where he had to amputate the leg and now his has a plastered leg. With Kropp he has a severe fever where he was reported back home immediatley.So they both climb on the dead/injured train back to home.Paul has some difficulty getting out of bed during the night since he has the plastered leg.I’m pretty close to finishing the chapter, and so far its coming to a end.

All Quiet on the western front

We have finished chapter seven, and Paul has gone to see his mother, and while he was visiting, his mother has been very ill with cancer for several of months while he has been in the army.He didn’t want to come if he saw his mother like the way he seen her.After that, they gang met three french women that lived on the other side of the canal.One of his best friends has died and his name is Kemmerich.We are finishing up chapter eight which is pretty good so far. 

All quiet on the western front

We are on chapter 5,and the book isn’t pretty good so far, its about when the company is in a bombardment and missles are comin from every direction with lights that shoot up and make the sky bright.paul and kat were talking about how horses are a cruelty and while they are talking about that, horses are dropping like fourth block French. The howling of the horses are unbarrable to the naked ear.

Running Loose

Running Loose is about a boy named louie Banks and he is starting spot on the football team with good friends and a smart beautiful girlfriend named Becky.I am in chapter two and its going pretty well as it goes on.